Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Additional Methods for Battling Alkalinity

When your urine pH readings are too high (usually above 7.5 pH) you are too alkaline and likely anemic. If you are too alkaline, it means you do not have enough hydrogen (acid) in your bloodstream and body. This lack of hydrogen leads to anemia because it is an essential ingredient in the formation of red blood cells.

We have told you before that the easiest way to test your pH is through the use of pH strips (which can be found online or at your local drug store). If your pH reading is above 7.5 then you need to determine a plan of action to increase hydrogen in your body. This would also give you the material needed (hydrogen-acid) to possibly increase your red blood cell count, which in turn can rid you of anemia

One simple way to increase acid in the body is with apple cider vinegar. There are entire health books written touting the use of this common household ingredient. My own preference is to use balsamic vinegar in salad dressing and eat a lot of pickles. I even eat pickles before I eat Mexican food and Spaghetti dishes. I love pickles. I also take 3-5 grams of vitamin C daily, which also has a lot of acid.

Often people with high pH (high alkaline) also have a lot of digestive problems, and turn to products which are intended to reduce acid when they get heartburn or burning sensations in the stomach. I believe this is a mistake sometimes, as the lack of acid can cause burning sensations as well. When I get a burning sensation directly after a meal, I turn to bicarbonate rich products such as Alka-Seltzer or bubbly water (the bubbles are produced by bicarbonate). However, when I get a burning sensation an hour or two after a meal, I try a pickle or even eating a little protein or other food that might stimulate more acid production in the stomach. I notice that this sometimes relieves burning sensations that seems delayed after eating. My observations have led me to believe that most burning sensations directly after a meal are due to an overabundance of acid, but that delayed burning sensations are due to a lack of acid and require a different set of actions.

Drinking water helps balance overly alkaline pH in at least two ways. Ingesting water allows the body to excrete more of the bicarbonate buffering products in the bloodstream which keep you more alkaline. Also the body needs normal amounts of fluids in the body and bloodstream to keep harmony and balance. However, I recommend that you learn to drink in sips. If you drink a large amount of water rapidly, it will lead to a large amount of the water going out the urine. This leads to the loss of minerals in the urine and less desirable water retention. I usually drink 3-5 sips every few minutes, even during vigorous exercise.

There are thousands of books written about digestion problems, individuals with low acid levels and anemia, aside from those specifically advocating apple cider vinegar and other home cures. Yet often a simple problem (low acid) requires a simple solution (more acid). Remember that you can use litmus paper to measure your urine pH and determine your body’s pH status. If you are too alkaline, the solutions may be as simple as eating a pickle before or during a high protein meal (protein needs a lot of stomach acid for digestion).

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