Monday, July 6, 2009

Additional Methods for Controlling Acidity

Controlling acid levels in the body has been a major topic of this blog. We’ve covered a variety of techniques, from eating foods high in phosphorus to using bicarbonate, particularly 20 minutes after a meal. Well an additional way that the body can decrease acid excretion is through the use of the amino acid glutamine (amino acids are building blocks of protein), which triggers a sequence of chemical reactions that lowers acid by expelling it from the body through our urine when acid levels are too high. If you measure your urine pH and your levels are below approximately 6.5, you want to be sure your daily intake of food includes enough of the amino acid glutamine to help regulate acid balance.

You can take glutamine supplements to ensure that you are getting enough glutamine daily, however the body usually uses the nutrients we consume in tandem, where groups of nutrients work together to complete the many processes of your body. In order to help my body processes run efficiently, I usually won’t take supplements without a proven multivitamin and mineral. It is important to remember that glutamine is important, but that we’re also aware that there are many other amino acids. Many of these amino acids can cancel each other out when consumed at the same time and glutamine can easily lose its effect when coupled with many other proteins and amino acids.

I get around this problem by supplementing glutamine via undenatured whey protein. Whey protein is the equivalent of a multivitamin and mineral, except it provides the amino acids that help us build our protein structures in the body. The whey protein is a natural product that is loaded with amino acids in the perfect proportion to allow for maximum absorption. While the absorption of most whey protein is nearly 100%, undenatured whey protein reaches an almost supernatural absorption of 150%!!! Not only do you receive the benefit of this absorption, but whey protein supplementation is shown in studies all over the internet to boost the immune system up to 500%!

I take a glutamine supplement in a whey protein shake everyday. I also take a multivitamin and mineral with my whey protein shake to best maximize the synergy between these nutrients. The glutamine helps keep your acid levels balanced in the body via urinary excretion and without it, you could lose some your body’s ability to maintain acid-base balance.

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